Vision OS SketchUp Viewer

I realize it’s pretty fresh out of the oven but does anyone know if there are plans on bringing a Sketchup Viewer or ? to Apple’s new Vision Pro headset? I currently use a Quest 2 / 3 for this sort of thing but my company picked up Apples headset and I’d love to see some of my models on those beautiful screens.

Heck, 3d modeling in a 3d mixed reality environment using Sketchup would be insane…

I agree!!! I can’t wait to use Sketchup with Vision Pro. Currently I am doing a little work around, opening the models in the iPad and saving them as USDZ files. Then I just open the USDZ file on Vision Pro and voila! It is there anchored in space. Easy to manipulate, scale and move around.

Limitations: I was able to save smaller project, not a whole retail area for example. I still don’t know much about the USDZ file capabilities.

I can’t wait until there is a native app from Trimble for the Vision Pro.

The AR view in your space in 3D Warehouse works well with Vision Pro. Here’s a screen recording of what it’s like.