Sketchup Viewer Versions

Im curious about the differences in Sketchup Viewer. The Windows desktop viewer, The Mac, Android and Iphone viewers are all different regarding the tool sets. I use viewer with my clients during the design phase. I have found if they can navigate the model we work faster remotely than if I send just schematic views. Non builders arent used to looking at plan views and understanding the space. One problem is I recently bought a new computer and was loading viewer. The tremble website has bugs. I picked the viewer download and it tried to load sketchup pro. I have had clients trying to load the MAC viewer and it sent them to Sketchup Make or Sketchup for schools. So someone should look into that. But back to my reason for sharing. The differences between viewer on a mobile device and the desktop version make it difficult to work with someone not using the same device. As an example one lets me turn off and on tags. The other doesnt. Mobile lets me turn on shadows but doesnt have the ability to change date and time like the Desktop. (unless im missing something). But really I dont like having to put my model out there so a client can use viewer. I recently started using Vray and they have the Vision app that lets me create an executable file solving the problem of putting my sketchup model out where it can be hijacked. Here is my suggestion. Take viewer in the direction of Vray Vision but rather than rendering make an executable that looks like viewer letting the user pick scenes, orbit, turn on and off sections all of those basic tools. With Vray Vision I would have to create several files with and with out sections so users could see floors ect. Plus the file size of the rendered model executable can be very large. I have customers that are builders and they love Vision to let a Realtor market the property. A step above just renderings. A sketchup version would be amazing!

Im interested in any input or maybe some else has a better workflow to communicate with clients.


I’ve been unable to open either Trimble Connect or 3D Warehouse on my iPhone 13 ios 15.4.1.

Trimble sign in screen has no place to sign in.

Just a heads up.

To answer Ivan’s question: iPhone use… I’ve found the connect viewer to have more viewing options than the warehouse viewer, but the connect has more issues with the image. It’s more critical of the component makeup, leaving areas not correctly shown. I was in the process of analyzing what was causing the issue when my ability to sign in went kaput.

Thanks for the input Leftangle. But I wasnt speaking only about Iphone. I dont understand why there are different interfaces within the Viewer app depending on the platform. In my use I have Viewer on a android phone and tablet so thats great when i have my customer live but if im in the office looking at the desktop app and my customer is on a MAC or Mobile version we dont have the same tools so I cant coach them as to how to navigate so we are looking at the same thing.