Feature Request: SketchUp Viewer for macOS

I know Viewer for Desktop exists, but it’s very old and very feature missing. I.e. can’t measure or select (yet!)
An iOS SketchUp Viewer ported to the Mac would be very appreciated.

and, tataaa, here it is


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Edited original post.
What I’m asking is a macOS viewer, complete with features like the iOS app.

Tataa, here it is:


No way.
Trimble Connect is another thing. Maybe 3D warehouse could be implemented in order to have some features from SketchUp Web, but I still believe an updated desktop Viewer Win and macOS is needed

Two ways:

share data, so your client can view and measure:

Check this link

You can add clipping planes and dependent on how you organised the model, have Layer control.

Or share the project/model and then you can open with SketchUp, have all the (editing) features of SketchUp Web:


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With “no way” I was referring to the different UX, I mean, web apps are (still) a different thing than a native software with offline usage.
There are good reasons why SketchUp Viewer exists (it works very well on iOS).
Don’t get me wrong, I love Trimble Connect, I use it within our office and collaborators, I could be wrong, but I believe it’s just not the same UX yet, surely from clients view.

The UI for the Mobile app(s) is based on the guidelines for mobile devices, the UI of the desktop viewer for desktop with a 3-button mouse. both Apps (eg. SketchUp Viewer for Mobile and the Trimble Connect App) can work with downloaded files, for situations where you don’t have access to the internet (job-sites).
So, native software on the device (once downloaded, of course) and files (once downloaded)

Both Apps have the capability to measure, the SketchUp Viewer for mobile also has the SketchUp Tags,Styles and Scenes.

There’s no Trimble Connect software on desktop for offline usage, and, as you said, TC doesn’t have styles and scenes.
SketchUp Viewer for desktop has these features but lacks of measures and selection.
It’s all about UX and features, UI follows.
I can’t tell a client to jump from a software to another…

Ah, I misunderstood, then (categorie where this topic resides might be confusion)

Clients installing software can be a drag, too, they need to have the latest version etc.
I doubt the desktop Viewer get’s attention besides updating to the newest version, though.
Who knows?

As for Trimble Connect for desktop, it only has a Windows version (Trimble Connect for Windows).
We don’t know if there will ever be a MacOs version.

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@MikeTadros it’s an old request :roll_eyes: