Sketchup Viewer on iOS

Is Sketchup Viewer no longer available for iOS? It looks like only Sketchup is available to download from the app store. In any case, I downloaded Sketchup on my iPhone, but the content I uploaded to the warehouse does not show up. Please help. By the way, sketchup viewer on my android does show my uploaded models.

Do you have Trimble Connect installed as well?

Yes I do

The SketchUp app holds two in one, it acts as a viewer and when signed in with a Trimble ID that has a subscription, it has more capabilities.

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I use a free Trimble account. It always worked fine.
I can’t download my models anymore. I use a Macbook. It worked fine, I can see in my Trimble account my models, but I get a fault when I try to open. It will not open anymore.
@Christian1 Is this the same thing you experience?

Via my app it is possible to open my model… how strange is that?

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