Refreshing model in SketchUp Viewer for iOS


I have made a model in SketchUp Free, saved in in Trimble Connect and opened the model in SketchUp Viewer for iOS. That works fine - I can view the model.

Now, if I make changes in the model using SketchUp Free, the changes do not propagate to the model on my iOS device. How can I refresh the model on the iOS device?


You’d need to close it in the viewer and open the saved revised version to see it update.There’s no direct connection between SketchUp Free and the file that is open in the viewer.

Thanks; now I found the trash can to be able to delete the model from my device.

Now when I delete the model and then reload from the cloud, I do not get the latest updates from SketchUp Free. In SketchUp Free I have sync’ed with the cloud, but I still get an older version in Viewer.

Any other suggestions?

Workaround: In Sketchup save the model under a new name and then use the viewer app to browse the trimble connect cloud and open the “new” model.

Seems a stale version of the models get stuck somewhere between cloud and viewer.

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