Project created in SketchUp Free is not updating in TrimbleConnect

New user here.

I created a project in Sketchup Free web app. I am trying to view it in iOS Viewer/IPad Pro 2021. The viewer has access only to a very early version of the project. How do I update it to the latest version?

Also, secondary question - not urgent:
Where are the “components” stored? I inadvertently deleted one, and I’d like to get it back.

I’ll leave it to @colin to help you with the viewer question. I expect you need to download the newer version of the file.

Look in the In Model components in the Components panel on the right side of the Modeling space. If you didn’t purge unused components, the component should still be there.

With today’s release of SketchUp Viewer 5.5, you should now be able to create and edit models in SketchUp for Web, save your changes, and then see that the latest version of your model is available automatically on the home screen of the SketchUp Viewer app, in the #1 spot of the Recent Models list.

Our goal was for these changes to help make the process of working between our web and mobile apps simpler and more efficient.

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