How to refresh a previously-downloaded model in Sketchup Viewer?

I have tried googling this but keep getting links on how to download the viewer!

I have downloaded one of my models from Trimble Connect - all good.

But now I have modified the model in SketchUp Web, I want to refresh or re-download my model so I can view it in SketchUp Viewer… but that model in Trimble Connect doesn’t have a download icon any more… and tapping it simply opens my old previously-downloaded model.

I see references to a trashcan icon (from back in 201) that I don’t see.

What am I missing? All help welcome.


The thumbnails of the files in the welcome screen in the free web based app might not always show the correct ‘recent files’. One might have edited it in another tab.
If you want more control of all your models, head to and sign in with the same email (it should if you use the same browser)
There, in the SketchUp project, you will find all your models.
Checking the tickbox in front of the name of the model will open the details panel on the right (select one only) and you can see the version history and download the right version (just download will use the latest)
You can open that in the Viewer app on your machine.