Viewing models with sketchup viewer mobile

I just bought sketchup pro and I’d like to view models from sketchup viewer mobile. am I able to work on files locally and have them auto save to a cloud source of some kind? any thoughts are appreciated

If you go to the Appstore of your device (Android or IOS) you can download the Mobile Viewer and install it. Once opened, you need to log in with your Trimble ID (email that bought the subscription ) to get access to AR-functionality.
If you save your files on a local machine, you need to transport them to your mobile device (email/filetransfer)
Then, use the ‘On this device’ option on the top right in the app.

You can also use Trimble Connect. First, go to and sign in with your Trimble ID.
Set up a project or use the one called ‘SketchUp’ .
Within the desktop app, you could now open a model and ‘publish’ it to that project ([menu] File > Trimble Connect > Publish Model)

You can also drag and drop SketchUp files (***.skp) in the project if you have a tab open.

Keep in mind that if you publish a model from within SketchUp, you won’t need to save it locally but if you do, different versions may reside (eg. the one in the cloud is not the same anymore)
If you want to open the file from the cloud location, just use [menu] File > Trimble Connect > Open Model instead of using the recent models option in SketchUp.

Amazing. Thanks Mike. Trimble Connect is what I’m looking for.
Does it make sense for me to always open files from within Trimble Connect - to not have multiple versions?

If you are planning to work from different locations or machines, it might be wise to also download Trimble Connect Sync, available if you click on the tiles on the top right:

Install Trimble connect sync and then you could set up a syncing schedule for your projects that are save here: ~/Trimble Connect Sync

check out all the user guides here:

Thanks again Mike