Transferring from mobile viewer to Sketchup on PC

Hi everyone, before anyone moans at me, I have honestly tried and tried to solve this myself but being in my 60’s with little knowledge of these new found apps pads etc I’m sure someone out there will say… Do this , this and this and hey presto… Solved , so many thanks in advance :grinning::grinning::grinning::+1:

Right with the help of a few friends I have a fantastic replacement engine part I am creating using 3D printed nylon. At the moment the only copy of this amazing part is sitting looking at me from my Sketchup mobile viewer on my iPad.
What I need to know is how to transfer/copy or whatever this file so I can use it in Sketchup proper to make adjustments.

Thanks again in advance

How did it get to your iPad so you could see it in the viewer? Clearly the model wasn’t made on the iPad in the viewer so that file must exist elsewhere. Track down that source and you should be in good shape.

I think it’s been deleted in a change of computer etc, believe me I’ve looked everywhere for it before resorting to the forum.

I take it from your reply DaveR that there is either no solution or you do not know of one ?

If the model is on the 3D Warehouse, it will have an ID number attached to the end of the URL, like:

(The above is a model of an umbrella.)

You could either write down the ID or email it to yourself from the iPad. Then open the email from your “proper” computer, to get the ID or URL.

In SketchUp “proper”, from the menu choose:
Window > 3D Warehouse
… a browser frame window appears and 3DW entry page loads.

When it is done loading, paste the URL (with the ID) into the Search box at the top of the 3DW page.
Press ENTER, and the model page should load.
Use the big red “Download” button at the top right, to download the part model.

A popup window will ask if you wish to insert into your currently open model.

If you wish to save the SKP file to disk first, choose “No”.
The next window is a IE file download warning dialog asking for confirmation.
You’d choose “Save” and then a file save explorer window appears, with the current folder likely to be your personal “Downloads” folder. You can navigate to another folder if you choose to. Save by clicking the “Save” button.

If you wish to insert directly into the current model, then click “Yes” from the 3DW insertion query popup, instead.

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Many many thanks Dan.:+1:

Hey all, just trying to understand the issue here in case there are any bugs or features that need to be filed.

@Banjogeoff Was your initial confusion caused by opening a model in the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app that you downloaded from 3D Warehouse, and then forgetting that you downloaded it from 3D Warehouse? Thinking instead that maybe you had transferred the file from your desktop computer?

Hi Mike, the situation is the only copy of this file/design I can find is
on the viewer on my ipad which as you will appreciate I cannot open or
workon where it is. It isnt in the warehouse in fact I dont think it ever
was or has been. So I am still in the same situation, I have a very well
designed drawing that needs tweaking etc but it appears I am unable to open
it Sketchup, unless you know better.
Regards Geoff

Well, the bad news is that the SketchUp Mobile Viewer was designed as a one-way road, allowing for viewing of files only. When SketchUp files (.SKP) are transferred to the Mobile Viewer app, they’re translated into a mobile friendly viewing format (.SKJ) and the SKP is tossed out. Sorry to say that the SKJ files are not transferrable back to the desktop version of SketchUp.