Mobile Viewer : Version 3.0 avail

[quote=“Whats New”]Version 3 of the SketchUp Mobile Viewer app is jam packed with tons of new features that users have been asking for!!

We made some major changes this time around. Please note!: you will need to re-download/save/import any SketchUp models that you had previously stored on your device before you can open those files in this version of the app.

• Added viewing Support for viewing Dimensions, Leader text and On-screen text.
• Added viewing support for Standard Edge Styles.
• Added viewing support for Watermarks.
• Added new Tape Measure tool.

  • Scenes Menu
    • Added the ability to Play Animation (with option to Loop Animation). Play Animation respects SketchUp’s “Include in Animation” scene property.
    • Added controls for Previous Scene and Next Scene.

  • View Menu
    • Added toggles for Hidden Geometry, Section Planes, Section Cuts, Axes and Enable Transparency. Scenes will respect the Style settings that were saved to the Scenes in your SketchUp model.

  • Navigation Menu
    • Added dedicated navigation tools for Pan and Zoom.
    • Added a new double tap gesture for centering the model on the point where you double tap.

Updated the “Dance Center” model to include scenes that show off the new features.


more infos at the SketchUp Blog.


dimensions only in inches, no millimeters?

Hi @gavatar,
V3 will display the units for dimension strings based on the unit preferences that were set in the model. We have feature requests filed to give users the ability to change model unit preferences on the fly.


Does Tape Measure support Area measurements?

The Tape Measure tool does not yet support area measurements. I’ll make sure to capture that suggestion as a feature request to consider for future versions. Thanks for the feedback.

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A curiosity: is this V3 based on the same core of my.sketchup? :slight_smile:

Another little feedback: Please, add iOS 9 Split View multitasking support

Yep. :slight_smile:

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This really is an amazing upgrade. This will be the difference between me not using it versus using it. I was very happy seeing this come through the other day. :grinning:

I see on the website you allow for a Google Drive connect as well as the ability to open from an email attachment. I don’t see where you can do that any where in the app.

@PlatinumDesigns The SketchUp Mobile Viewer app has native integrations with 3D Warehouse, Trimble COnnect, and Dropbox. For other file storage services it should be possible to open SketchUp files from other apps directly in the SUMV app.

When SUMV is installed, we register the app with the mobile operating system (iOS or Android) as an app that is capable of opening files with a .SKP file extension. Other apps (like GMail, GDrive, iCloud, One Drive, etc.) will then suggest SUMV as an app that can open SKP files from that app.

That said, there is a know issue with Google Drive not being able to open SKP files. The issue is actually on Google’s end. We’ve investigated the issue and there’s not much we can do, so we’re hoping Google will fix it soon.

Dimensions snap is awful in this version. Please, do something :slight_smile:

I’ve just uploaded V3 and I cannot open my files, download is fine from Dropbox. My question, which doesn’t seem to be answered anywhere, is what’s the MAXIMUM file size this viewer can handle??? I’ve had a client download the app with the intent of sharing a design model and I’m more than embarrassed now since it cannot play on the ipad (his or mine). Now I’ve tested with a 10mb file and it works but I’ve files much larger (50-100mb) and need to know if there’s a cut off in file size, if any at all. HELP!

Does the android viewer support shadows? Can’t seem to find anything…