Sketchup Mobile Viewer - No Callouts or Text?

When I create models in Sketchup Pro, I’ve used callouts and 3D text to specify items in the model. When exporting to Sketchup Mobile Viewer for use in the field, only the 3D text appears and the callouts do not.

In addition, the navigation is extremely difficult in Sketchup Mobile Viewer. Am I doing something wrong? How am I supposed to zoom in? Pinching doesn’t work.

Thanks for any help in advance

What platform ? (iOS or Android)

What device, screen size, resolution ?


Mobile Viewer Guide: Viewing Your Models in SketchUp Mobile Viewer > Navigation Toolbar

We’ve tried on both iOS and Android 5.0.2. Ipad is a 9". Android is a Samsung galaxy tab A 8".

3D Text is a Drawingelement made up of primitive geometry (edges and faces.)

They are a type of special entity in the Dimension family, and are not yet implemented. See:

Thank you for the clarification. I would assume Trimble is working toward implementing dimensions in the near future in an update?

As for Navigation, I understand how to navigate, it just seems some of the functions do not work or are extremely sensitive tossing me all over the model.

I have the same issue is this being fixed no text callouts in the viewer is a pretty big deal.

Hi, I’m a new member in this forum it’s my first replay I read your problem and… I will find a helpful link for you .

Dimensions and Callouts added in version 3 !

See: Mobile Viewer : Version 3.0 avail

@tmyusuf You are in the wrong category. This category is for the Mobile Viewer.
(We cannot edit models in the viewers.)

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You are exactly correct. In fact that and the high price of Sketchup compares to other CAD apps, and the inability to send active drawings to contractors and government approval boards who have SketchUp Viewer has convinced me to switch to some other drawing app. Sad:(

NO, I was correct 4 years ago when I made the comments you reference, but 4 months later, as I also said above, dimension and callout display was added to the SketchUp Mobile Viewer in ver 3.
(The Desktop Viewer always had dimension and text callout display.)

Again, the discrepancy / complaint for this topic was alleviated (solved) 4 years ago.

Huh? SketchUp model files are sent to these entities all the time. The Desktop Viewer and Mobile Viewer are for just that … simple viewing.

This is also offtopic for this thread, but I suggest you read up on the features of the 3rd way to have “consumers” interact with SketchUp model files and associated documents.

Your response indicates professional workflow, which is what Trimble Connect is all about. It allows a more “active” means of viewing and giving feedback about project documents.

A SketchUp Pro subscription includes the Trimble Connect extension and unlimited storage:

And …

… is debatable, and offtopic for this category. There are several other active topic threads to discuss “pros and cons” of the recent price and licensing changes in the proper forum category for the SketchUp application.