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The link to download files works from one’s active licenses now works, but the only desktop viewer available is 2018, which will not open later files. It doesnt matter for me personally, as I have it from when it worked, and I am a current subscriber, but I would like in the future for others who do not own sketchup, to be able to download the desktop viewer for windows to see my files. I think the ipad and android work, it’s just the desktop windows one that needs to be updated. And none of the other places that have the download has anything more recent.
Also anyone who just starts owning sketchup cannot download a current viewer

You can always just share a model, like this


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Colin answered in your first thread, and indeed, the PC version available right now is the 2018 one.

however it is saturday (early) morning in colorado, so don’t expect the website to change for the next 48h.
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I certainly did not see that post

well you created it so…

you even posted after he said it was a bug and it was on the “fix list”

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Like others I tried first from my accounts page and it didnt work, then the link reappeared from the. my account apps page, but was 2018. So i thought they meant the link had been restored, but not to the right edition
I dont think I committed a heinous crime

I used to have my customers load the Viewer and would share my SU file so we could collaborate while developing the design. I didnt really like having my SU.skp file out there but I did it. One problem was back before the iPad sketchup app the viewer was different on the PC from the iphone and android. I have since gone to the free web app for my clients I think its easier to coach them to navigate than the Viewer. The only draw back is having it web based so they need internet to view files. The plus is if you send them a link so they have a read only copy. It is limited as they cannot turn off tags ect but they can navigate through scenes. If you want them to have more “tools” you can send them the .skp file then they can view it with the free app. I dont think there will be future development put into the viewer. So perhaps its a solution for the viewer in other circumstances.

Hi Erik
Thanks. I do take your point.
However what I am doing is not really commercial, but for pleasure and education. I have been drawing polyhedral stellations from the archimedean duals, of which there are many hundreds, and indeed I have done many hundreds. I draw them from scratch, with nets I have made from the original dual piece, but I use Turbocad, which is the cad program I first learned from. Then I turn them into sketchup, and edit them and their materials to my satisfaction. I hope to get a web page, with most of them on there, plus some other stuff I have created. I could do pictures, with the net attached, but I’d like to have the files available to some who ask. It’s nice to be able to see them in the round, in order to understand properly.

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While we wait for the SketchUp Viewer links to be fixed, I put the 2022 version (that’s the latest there is) here: