Where is latest sketchup viewer desktop?

When I go to my account and try to download, the webpage wont come. If I go to download all it only has a 2018 version. I wanted to find newer version so others could use it but impossible

The various viewers are on this page:


The desktop viewer hasn’t been updated recently, the existing viewer can open SketchUp 2024 files.

strangely on this page the 64bit windows version is indeed the 2018 version And I know for sure that there have been more recent versions

Thanks, I see that. We have an internal list of links that need fixing. I added that to the list.

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The 2018 version will not open 2022 or 2023 files

Indeed, it will not. Where is the viewer that will?

here is a link to the 2021 version viewer https://download.sketchup.com/SketchUpViewer-2021-1-332-116.exe
it should be able to open 2021~2024 files

note that if you have a subscription just like your profile says, the new 2024 version allows you to send links to your model that allow other people to view it on a phone or computer without having to install anything (which is great !)

With that path, and knowing the exact name of the 2022 viewer installer, let me construct this URL:


and for macOS:


Thanks. I haven’t installed 2024 yet. Still happily working with 2023. Will try it soon