Sketchup Viewer. Windows 64bit Desktop. What is the latest version number?

I have sketchup viewer version 22.0.354 64-Bit. It is for Windows Desktop.
When I check “about” it says it is 2022.
Is there a newer version?
I went to download the latest but the filename is beginning with 2021…
I don’t remember how I got what I got. It looks like what I have is newer.
How can I find out? The web site does not give version number
Thank you

For me, I get a file name of SketchUp-Viewer.exe, and the version in the installer’s Properties window shows as 22.0.354. There isn’t a more recent version, because that one will also open SketchUp 2023 files.

Hello and Thank You very much for confirming. I have the same.

Sketch up viewer on Android allow taking measurements (Tape Measure Tool)

I did not see this for the viewer on Windows Desktop version.

I was curious to see if there is an update to match.

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Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web). Why not just use that instead of the viewer?

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Of course I use it Dave. But the Viewer running on my desktop is faster instead of cloud. Also, I share ideas with others and they don’t have the courage to get into even the free web version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Classic case of not understanding what is possible with even the free version.

So I guess this is a hobby thing for you and your friends with whom you share your models. Maybe you could spend half an hour to help your friends get the courage to open your models in the free version.