SketchUp Web Viewer

Where do I find a download to install the SketchUp Viewer on my laptop?

Well, it looks like is currently getting a facelift, probably ahead of SU24

the new download link is

(replace the en by your language code, I’m using fr)

It wasn’t like that this morning, it looks like they’re in the middle of the migration, and right now, there is no link for the offline viewer.

you’ll probably have to wait for a few hours / days for everything to go back to normal on this one.

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At the moment the link is bad on that page. This should get you to the right place:

This link brings you to a page like shown here:

But when downloading the windows version you get the viewer from Sketchup 2018 (looking at the file properties of the downloaded installer).

2024-04-06 (1)

Will this link on he page be fixed soon?
If not, is there another link we can use?

I pointed that problem out on Friday, and also asked if there is a direct link. Nobody replied to me yet.

I do happen to have the Windows SketchUp Viewer, 2022 version (the latest there is). I put that here for now: