Viewer download access

I like to try to get clients to view there proposed new house or extension in Sketchup Viewer.
It seems particularly hard to navigate to the Sketchup Viewer download page. I have an old link ( to the download page but someone just using the website it seems almost impossible. I have not managed to get to the download page simply through the website yet.

Am I doing something wrong or is it intentional I get directed to the comparisons page without any way of finding the Sketchup Viewer download button?

From on my desktop:

Pull down the arrow on top below “Products”

Look at the far right column: “Featured Products”

Look down to: “SketchUp Viewer”

Click “SketchUp Viewer”

Click “Get It” button

Thank you for your reply,

Yes, you are right, However when you click on ‘get it’ it directs you to Plans and Pricing with no way, I can see, to download the viewer.

Is this an error?

That must be a mistake with the new site.

There were two ways to download installers:

  • Navigating from the front page to the product (this may now require filling a form to drive users into the newsletter mailing list, or registration for trialing commercial products)
  • And a “fallback” table with all direct download links (which we liked to post in the forum).
    This was “”, but it seems now hidden behind a Trimble login wall.

Actually if you have a Trimble ID (or create one), you can still access it. I wonder whether it is a bug or a directive from above.

Try this:

I can’t be certain if anyone else has reported the issue, but I know that I did.

This was “”, but it seems now hidden behind a Trimble login wall.

I just noticed that too. A few weeks ago it was not. Makes a fool out of me, as I put up a slide in my seminar showing this webpage, and now they can’t get to it until they have a Trimble ID? Many of the attendees were working with the Pro Demo and haven’t committed yet to buying the software.

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Thanks for sharing this link hilltop_watt! I see no other way to get to it. Much appreciation! There is definitely something wrong with the webpage.