Link to Sketchup 2017 Viewer 32bit & 64 bit

Can someone provide me with links to the Sketchup 2017 Viewer 32bit & 64bit versions? The ALL downloads page does not reference them.

Thanks JJ

It’s easy to find from SketchUp’s main site, in products. You’ll have to decide whether your operating system really is “null” before choosing a download.

There is no SketchUp 2017 32-bit viewer. With SU2017 they removed 32-bit support. See:

The current viewer is the one you would use. Get it here: The desktop version is linked at the bottom of that page.


Didn’t realize they terminated support for the 32bit Windows OS; I only wanted the viewer for my Tablet PC.
As it turns out I have the x86 version of the 2016 Sketchup viewer (17M installation file). I notice that the link you provided downloads a Sketchup viewer with a 63.2M installation file and it doesn’t specify whether it’s 32, or 64 Bit. Does that mean it only supports 64 Bit?


It’s only 64-bit. Did you look at the other link I provided which talks about system requirements?

Thanks for the information; it’s a pity, and somewhat short-sighted not to provide a 32 bit version of the viewer. As in my application, a Tablet-PC is where you would still find a 32bit OS and where you would expect to be the most useful application of the Viewer. My Tablet PC is using 32bit Windows 8. So guess I will need to be content with the Sketchup 2016 viewer.

Thanks, JJ

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