Apple Vision Pro demo

There have been a number of posts about Apple Vision Pro, and what SketchUp things can be done with it. I’m not here to answer any of those questions!

But, there is something neat that you get for free, without any AVP specific work from us.

If you go into 3D Warehouse and view a model in AR, it not only works like it might on iPad, it’s full out 3D stereoscopic, and pretty good quality.

Here’s a screen recording I made:

The video is 4K, you can change to that with the quality setting.

I used a random model in 3DW. It’s this one:


@TheGuz , the sharing links of the warehouse are broken again (we see the moose) :smiley:

(I solved this earlier by putting the link in formatted text to copy and paste)

edit : I pinged Guzman because it’s 3d warehouse but I wonder if the issue isn’t on the discourse side. It tries to show a preview of the link. maybe an admin has a way to prevent that?

that looks cool. now I need 3K and an empty parking lot to try it :stuck_out_tongue:
Back then, 7-8y ago, some of my students did a 3d visit for their semester presentation, empty studio, some 3d headset with cables running around, PC in the backpack and a 50m extension chord (with a student making sure the professor wouldn’t trip)
The model was low poly, basic colours, so the pc wouldn’t overheat.

Technology sure has advanced a bit.

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Strange how the 3DW link doesn’t work. I won’t change it, so @TheGuz can take a look.

You can get to that model by putting model/fd0af746-b061-4bab-80bf-55dc3f485592/MANSION after


Checking into this now. Thanks!

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I realized, this is a case where embedding isn’t the right option. Really I wanted to give a link that would take you to that page.

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