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I can’t find anywhere any mention or official comment on support for the Apple Vision Pro. I use sketchup on my M2 Mac and I use it to preview and use the AR features on my iPad(s). I have a current customer who would be ideal to present my project in AR/VR. I’m one of those people who ordered an Apple Vision Pro (I can’t wait for the comments - ha). They already have versions of sketchup on Mac, iOS and various VR platforms and Sketchup is already running on iOS and VisionOS is an offshoot and iPad apps run. I feel like this is the convergence of everything I’ve wanted coming together to present pre-vis life-size projects to clients. Crickets. Is there something I’m missing?

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Vision pro hasn’t been released yet, you won’t get any info either from apple or Trimble about SketchUp for VisionOS until its supported, it could even run from day one as an iPad app on the vision pro.

I don’t think anything has been announced yet, the unit itself hasn’t got a release date anywhere outside of the US, so it is pretty much a $4000 product in early access.

SketchUp for I.Pad (and maybe web) supports USDZ export, which is the format Apple use for AR. So you can use those files alongside anything Apple make.

Apple aren’t making switchable user profiles and unlike other headsets, they are physically fitted to a specific user, they are being treated as a personal device, much like i.Phone. Sharing them with others is not part of the offering at launch, which doesn’t really make it fit for the purpose of what you are describing.

Your fit-for-purpose comment is interesting. All those things you bring up are mostly true. But I’ll tell you why I’m excited. Have you ever tried onboarding someone on an oculus/meta quest? It’s terrible. The fitting process, the controllers, the getting them to understand the UI before you can start doing anything. It is excruciating and a massive barrier to helping a potential client preview something. Apple’s Vision Pro does, in fact, have a guest account. The fit issue will be something but I’d imagine some third party will create a memory foam or some generic face shield to help with fit. (I hope - otherwise I’m just buying a bunch of different sized face shields). But onboarding is looking at a few dots and the UI is very intuitive with the look and pinch stuff. Very easy to guide someone through and I can see what they are seeing with an iPad. The barrier is going to be so much easier to overcome for clients. I would pay twice what the vision pro is going for now just for the intuitive nature and ease of onboarding for clients. I cannot wait for sketchup to support it properly. Like most Apple tech, it’s too expensive yada yada but it lowers the barriers for the industry around it. If it doesn’t fail it will finally rise the tide for VR to be more mainstream. Think Mac and PCs and iPods and music players, iPhones and android. I cannot wait to be able to develop my designs in sketchup and preview them instantly in real size and share that experience with a client. In 3 weeks I’m hoping to put my Vision Pro on my clients noggin and show them the whiz bang entrance I designed to their new corporate offices plopped in to the the actual space in AR.

If there is one thing Apple will do is make it slick. For sure. I think VR is amazing and a fantastic way to explore spatial concepts. I’m just not a believer that it will move the needle in any meaningful way.

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Of course you very well may be right. And Apple has had many failed products and missteps. But they said the exact same thing about the Mac, the iPod and the iPhone. I always thought VR was interesting but would never fly because of its relatively poor quality, poor interaction models, its isolation and having to strap something on your face. Apple getting in to the game gets me excited about the possibility of a real and accessible platform. AND I can finally see the stuff I dream up come to life at scale and in “reality.” Anyway all of this to say I would have thought the potential of the platform would elicit some sort of discussion in the sketchup community officially or not. We shall see.