Apple Vision Pro

Excellent point. If they embark on a Vision Pro app for SketchUp it should be by a standalone department funded by a standalone fee.

I would love to see Layout work like a professional tool without having to resort to a bunch of workarounds and look at low res linework all day just to keep speed up.

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Don’t expect any kind of word from Trimble, their secrecy is at the same level of apple’s, they would announce something when/if they release something but on the same day, not even one second earlier.

Having had mine for 2 days and how absolutely game changing incredible it is I feel it’s borderline criminal not to have a version of SketchUp running on it on day 1. Tech pundits and YouTubers reviewing this thing have lost their minds with their sober commentary: "Well it’s certainly best in class but spec this and flaw that, too much money and what’s the killer app?…. yada yada dystopian nightmare!” In reality every review should just be: “HLY FCKING SHT THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING I’VE SEEN THIS IS A GLIMPSE OF THE FCKING FUTURE!!!” I personally cannot believe it is real. I’ve spent all day today trying to walkthrough a sketchup model I’ve been working on. I have been able to convert it to USDZ format Apple prefers but I can only get it to materialize in the virtual passthrough at 32% scale and I can’t seem to get it larger. It’s amazing and maddening. Seems like USDZ is better for “objects?” Anyway this thing is going to change everything. I was around for the Mac in 84 and the iPhone in 07 and I think this might actually be a bigger deal. It’s hard to even put in to words.

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I would probably hear in mind that any normal company that isn’t Disney or Netflix is fairly unlikely to have had access to one prior to them being available for purchase - they may not have even got to try one yet!


What if you oversized the model, so that when you scale it to 32% its full-sized

Have you tried viewing 3d models on a Quest(2/3) before? If so, is the AVP experience 8 to 10 times better? Because for the price of one AVP you could get 8 to 10 Quest 2 / 3 if I’m not mistaken.

I (and my clients) do agree though that using VR to walk through 3d designs is gaming changing.

On one hand I’m super stoked about the potential. On the other hand, if it’s just going to be the “flat” iOS SketchUp app that has to run on the headset hardware then I have no interest at all.

If Trimble develops it so that SketchUp can run on a notebook/desktop hardware AND you can model in a shared immersive 3D Vision environment with Enscape etc. overlaid, then I’m buying a Vision the day that update launches.

I have used them all. Quest is fine. Is the Vision Pro worth 7 times what the Quest is? That will be up to the individual. I do know I have Macs and iPhones and iPads and Apple Watches and Apple TVs, HomePods and air pods. I’ve clearly bought in to the eco system and day one all my stuff is integrated. Add to that the build quality, the pass through quality and the quality of the screens yes I think it might be. I open my Mac and it becomes my virtual monitor and I can mouse over to a Vision Pro app with the Mac trackpad and drag something over to an iPad app floating in the other side. And it just works, Now that being said it’s clearly a 1.0, it’s a little buggy and there are not enough useful apps like SketchUp. But it IS the future in my estimation and it is going to improve the quest and VR/AR with competition. I’ll probably end up getting a quest as well. It’s very exciting times.

Agreed. I’ll settle for a viewer that I can do walkthroughs on for now. But ultimately to be able to do a walkthrough and add or adjust the model in real time at 100% scale for detail work directly with my hands would bring another level of creativity and productivity.

For anyone still following this thread. I figured out how to export and walk through a sketchup model!!!. You export as a “.usdz” (You need a 3rd party exporter like SImLab). Then save the file in an iCloud folder your Vision Pro can access. Select the saved usdz file. Place it. Now this is where I was previously stuck. It will only put a small version in your space (in my case 32% scale). I couldn’t scale it more than that (with my hands). Turns out… If you look at the file name and pinch select. There is a hidden menu popup. You can then select 100% Scale!!! Boom. It works! Now the Vision Pro constantly fades out when you are walking and sketchup exporting can cause some weird geometry anomalies. But boy howdy. Can’t wait until this is native but for now. Game changer.

You can download USDZ direct from 3D warehouse providing the model isn’t a huge file size - you can probably do it directly from the AVP

yeah, Colin did it here

He went to the 3d warehouse and tried AR from it.

As you know, I didn’t download the USDZ file myself, but I dare say the AR in your space feature does do that. Interesting thing is that the AR view becomes its own process, I could quit Safari and still walk around the model.

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Walking through a Sketchup model of a proposed retail store layout in my parkade. (Exported as a .usdz)


Yea… This is the future.

Just needs some lofi background music.


How did you map the vr with the actual building? The starting position and orientation in the vr world & real world are the same?

or something harder

Can’t wait to see a futuristic apple mall in Dubai. or Nevada. People walking around with their apple vision on the nose in the middle of a desert :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone has Apple Vision Shaped tanning marks on their face.
Like they’ve been to the Alps for Skiing.

Alppe Vision Pro


This particular retail space I just plopped in the big empty space in my parking garage. You can then use your hands and rotate and scale and move it around. I have, in fact, mapped it on to a real world area and manage to do it. BUT it was time consuming and frustrating. When you put the model down the finite control you have to move stuff around is your hand gestures. You can imagine when the model is at 100% scale and large, the smallest gesture with your hands equate to huge movement on the model. A slight hand gesture can equate to a 5-10ft of movement or more. So better tools are going to have to be made to align things with more precision. BUT I did get it to work.

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Walkthrough of a new kitchen remodel I’m designing. Makes a huge difference and can make a quick decision on what’s working and not. Trimble better be working on a viewer app AND an app you can model in.