Adjusting margins in text boxes

Is there a way to adjust the margin in a text box in Layout? I want the text to be spaced with a small margin from the text box edge. While I can use the space bar to accomplish this, when the text wraps, it is restive of my placing a space there.
In most word processing programs you can easily adjust margins, but Layout is hopelessly lost in some archaic methodology.

I would think they would incorporate a text editor in the tray, because importing rtf text is limited, in my non-vast experience. I find it awkward using the text tool, compared to using Word or Word Perfect. I think this is an area that needs improvement.




Maybe it’s a bit easier to get the results you want by overlaying a ‘text box’ on top of a slightly larger drawn in rectangle.

The Rectangle can carry the outline, and provide the padding/margins… and the text box can just function in the simplified way that it does.

Grouping them both together, keeps everything in place… and once done… you can copy/paste existing text/rectangle objects into other places by only having to edit the text, rather than rebuild the combination for each additional instance.

+1 for this feature! Layout needs a text box margin.

Another workaround,which only works if you are not using partially transparent text boxes is to apply a stroke of 10 or 15 pt to the text box. Strokes this large are not given as an option in the dropdown, you have type them in.

By the way, if anyone from the Sketchup team is reading this, the tabs after bullets are too large.

I really need this feature.
Plus, when export LayOut to DWG/DWF, table will be export to “Standard” style in AutoCAD.
But only “Horizontal cell margin” of cells can update by customise Table Style. “Vertical cell margin” default = 0 and can not change globally by Table Style.