How to keep text spacing consistent when I click to edit a text box

Hi there! When I click in a text box in layout, the line spacing changes. When I click out of it, it goes back to normal. This makes it hard to edit text to match up with an external legend guide, as you can see in the screenshots. Does anyone know how to fix this?

The textbox before I click into it (and after I exit it):

The textbox when I click into it:

Was the text box created in LO or in a text editor?

Layout :slight_smile:

You might consider making it in a text editor or as a spreadsheet and inserting it. Then edit it in the application in which it was made.

I see the behavior you describe when editing text boxes in LO and it’s more problematic with tall text boxes. Hopefully that will be improved but until it is, the above seems to be the best solution. I prefer it for other reasons, too.

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