Layout text boxes - line spacing becomes a mess


I have a problem with line spacing in text boxes. The same applies to labels. When I initially create them, formatting looks ok - just as it does in the edit mode. After some time however some of them become a total mess, line spacing increases substantially, and cannot be reduced. Text - Spacing does not help, if anything, line spacing increases even more.

When I enter to edit such box. all text looks ok in the edit mode. After clicking out, the displayed line spacing is huge again, and not usable.

The only reliable solution I have found so far is to rewrite the entire box, and then hope it stays the same after saving, reopening etc. Very frustrating. I need formatting to be the same as visible in edit mode. Any idea on what might be causing this?


Layout-line-spacing-problem.layout (11.0 KB)

Well that’s interesting. I thought I would open your file to see what you meant but got told I couldn’t because it is a 2022 file and I am on 2021. Ordinarily, that would hardly be a surprise but on another thread here recently I was told that there is now backward compatibility which allows 2021 to open 2022 files. Maybe that only applies to Windows?

I don’t recognize your problem but wondered whether it too was a 2022 glitch.

@endlessfix ?

Thanks for the quick reply. Here an embedded image showing the issue. The label on the left is in edit mode, and while being edited the text looks fine. However, once I leave the edit mode, the line spacing looks like in the label on the right…

Wow! Straight away, something is odd. Why does the leader line start so far away from the text?

Here the same label after leaving the edit mode (as a new user I was not allowed to insert more than one embedded media in the previous post).

So here is my version:

Wand.layout (245.6 KB)

I wrote the text callout at the top in default mode. I then copied the whole thing down, changing the landing point of the arrow. I edited the text. Still looks like it should.

Did you have LO2021 before you got 2022? If so, do you get the same issue in 2021?

Weird. I wonder if this is an installation-right-click-run-as-Administrator windows problem? A Windows text formatting issue? Does this happen with a fresh file? Every file? I cannot seem to recreate the issue on my machine with the file you sent, unless I misunderstand the problem?


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