Layout Text skip some space!

Is anyone had this bug before? In a text in layout, there is some space missing. If I go in edit mode, the space are there, but when I exit edit. space are missing. I tried different font. Problem is always there.

Was it typed in or copied and pasted? If so I wonder if the original text formatting might be causing problems?

I’ve not had this specific problem, but often find that the display of text while text editing differs from the final result after committing it. see attached. this is the same text copied but in editing mode it displays differently?

The text is from my engineer who used microsoft word and sent me a .docx I would think the format from word should be a pretty good benchmark in term of text editing, no?

I fixed many problem of text like that by copy pasting text through autocad. Autocad have a way to reset all formatting. I just wich LO could do the same.

Microsoft Word is certainly a very capable text editing tool. What might be happening is non-ASCII (“plain-text”) characters inserted into the stream produced by Word, such as narrow spaces or non-breaking spaces or whatever, which might cause difficulty in Layout?

Try saving the Word doc as RTF and then insert that file into LayOut.

Under Windows the most conventional way to reset text formatting is to use Notepad, not sure if missing spaces caused by formatting though, because spaces are visible in a editing mode according to a screenshot. Maybe Notepad substitutes any special characters with simple spaces and line breaks as well, so it still may help. But it will also reset/unify font weight.

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