Bug in Layout: text removing spaces

Text is removing spaces. They re appear when I edit the text but vanish when I stop editing. Is this a bug or is there a way round it?

The font I am using is Times New Roman. The text was cut and pasted from an email.


Are you using version 2020 as you state in your profile?

There is a bug related to text box boundaries in version 2022 for Windows that Trimble has promised to take care of, is this related?

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Does the issue disappear with another font ?
I suspect that your original text had overly long lines which wrapped in the original, in the Layout version that wrapping is ignored and the result is that two words which appeared separately on two lines merge into one as there was no space in the original string ?

Cut and paste it into a text file temporarily, then edit the wrapping issues and you can copy/paste the text again…

Hi Anssi
Yes that sounds like a good fix. I have been putting off upgrading till I have finished a project but have finished now.

The text box bug has not yet been fixed. If you are still using version 2020 your problem is probably unrelated. @TIG 's advice might be worth trying. You could try switching the message to plain text in your e-mail application and try copying and pasting again.

Hi Assi
Tried tuning the text into plain text and that works.

As all spaces were not deleted, I wonder if the disappearing ones were somehow different, like non-breaking or whatever the options in Word or a DTP application are.

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I’m guessing Anssi is correct.

Generally best to create a plain text or rtf file and insert that into LayOut rather than copying and pasting. Save the txt or rtf file in the project folder to keep as the reference and backup.