LayOut Bullet Points Indent

Hi all,

I’ve noticed the indent of bullet text in LayOut is undesirable for the kind of distance I would like. Is there a way to control the distance or is it just as is? If you see the image below the text has a large distance from the bullet and I can’t seem to get it any closer other than to make the bullets separate to the text lines. Which does work but kind of defeats the idea of having bullet text to start off with.

Any ideas?

have you set ‘tabs to 4 spaces’ somewhere on your system?


How are you creating the bulleted text? Is this in a text box directly in LO or inserted text from an RTF file?

Hi Dave, it’s a text box in LO.

System tab spacing is a new one on me, I thought it were application controlled for programs such as word…

I haven’t used lists created directly in LO for so long that I’d forgotten about that capability. I thought tab spacing was an application thing, too.

I don’t see any way to adjust that spacing in LO, either.

Well I’m glad it’s not just me then.

I’ve got round it for the moment by making the bullets separate to the text. That’s the only way I can figure at present to adjust the distance, I don’t know why anyone would want a space that large it just seems excessive.

I’ll move this to the feature requests category in any case, requesting that “the spacing between bullet and text can be adjusted”. Unless something else becomes obvious.

Thanks for the replies.

I’m wondering if this is more of a bug.

Have you tried using rtf instead?

No I haven’t tried RTF, You mean from Excel?

It’s part of product instruction I’ve been picking away at when I’m not babysitting the puppy. The bullets are very simple, just a title and 4 sentenced bullet points. I think I’ve ran into it in the past and used the same workaround.

You could use Excel and insert a spreadsheet. I was thinking of using Word or other text editor, though. The lower one is an imported rtf. I narrowed up the gap quite a bit for this example but spacing can easily be adjusted.

What is the puppy?

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For this instance, I think I’ll call it done. If I do end up needing any quantity of these though, I think Word would be the way to go.

I’ve inserted tables/cutlists etc from Excel before, but not Word. So that should be another “feather in my cap”. :wink:

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