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Other than creating Tables, I could use the Right-Aligned Tab Control for Text. Imported text docs are finicky in this regard.

MS & RTF source docs enclosed. -Guess NOT; not authorized- LO Preview appears properly aligning tabs but all text re floats when coming back to LO.

Tabs in imported RTF files shouldn’t be a problem at all. I use RTF files all the time with columns created using tabs. This is a screen shot from LO showing part of one of those.
I’ve been doing this since RTF files were first import-able in LayOut and I’ve never seen flaky behavior.

Thanks Dave: Familiar myself as well. specifics deal with a Right-Aligned Tab like on a Numbered List. Try importing attached file. Note that when 2-digits appear, Tabs cannot align themselves.

I don’t know if this helps at all.

I created a simple text file using TextEdit. I included both a table and a list. I then copied and pasted it to LO. As you can see, using different ways of enumerating produces different results but the list option at the bottom seems to tabulate correctly.

As you have not uploaded a file, it is difficult to know what system you have used to get your text into LO.

Text.layout (19.6 KB)


Thanks Dave: Challenge is that my Consultants provide docs in Word Processing Formats with Numeric Listings on a Right-Aligned style. They are unlikely to follow a request to alter their workflow and use Left-Align ONLY,

We can place List Numbers on a Table and attain the alignment being sought but again; they are not going to be “receptive” to change the format to place Text on Tables.

Have experimented using Spaces instead of Tabs but that does not seem to work when using Proportional Font Spacing (Kerning).



Previous Pic Uploaded shows the End Result on LO. Here is what the Text Looks Like on the Word Processing Sofware:

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