Text tab control

Is there any way to control the tab function in text boxes? I’d like it to NOT be so drastic - just a couple of character spaces perhaps.

Also, is there a way to control the distance text begins from the text box?

Start out with the text in a word editor as an RTF file. Then you can format tabs and line spaces and so on. Do not edit the text box in LO but open it in the text editor like you’d open a SketchUp model by right clicking on a viewport.

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Thanks DaveR. So a “word editor” like MSWord? Then what? Save it and import?

Yes. In Word use File>Save as… and save it with the RTF extension. In LO, insert the RTF file and place it on the page. As with SketchUp viewports, don’t double click on the resulting text box or you will unlink it from the original RTF. If you need to make edits, right click on it and choose Open in Word. Make your changes, save the file and return to LO. The updates will get automatically propagated to the text box.


That is freaking awesome. Thanks DaveR. Man I was so frustrated with this - was even considering having to create a table. Not double clicking is the key…

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Happy to help. Creating a table is another way to do it and of course you can adjust the column widths. at least there are a couple of ways. :wink:

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