Text boxes in Layout- size of the box when pasting text

When writing text in text attribut/box or pasting text into the box - the box expands and gets very long sideways. Is there any way to avoid or adjust this? I find it hard to zoom out and find the edge of the box - to grab the edge and adjust it manually. Maybe I should consider to be more short in my writing :wink: but I need to describe a lot…

I read some old thread from 2016 about writing in rtf format - but I am not sure if this is still valid in 2020 version? And if so - I did not quite understand how to do it?

Any tip or trick would be appriciated -thanks.

Hi Susanne,

You’ll get the long line of text if you don’t define the size of the text box first. So if you get the Text tool, click once, and then paste it’s the long single line. If you click and drag out a rectangular text box to tell LayOut where you want the lines to end, you’ll get a more easily managed text block.

You can also create .rtf text files in Word or another text editor and then insert that text using File>Insert. I find that’s generally better for longer text and text that needs to be more formatted than you can do in a text box in LO.

Thank you Dave! Sorry if I was unclear. It is the text box with line pointing to an object - is it ”leader text” these are called? Can I define size of the ”box” for these too? Or do I need to do a text box and then use a manuell line to point into the model?!

Ah, sorry I missed that Susanne. For a label you could manually add a leader to a regular text box. With the Label tool, though, you could start by adding a label with the default “Label Text” and then edit the text box to change the size before replacing “Label Text” with your pasted text. Notas simple as with the regular Text tool.

You could make a sort of sample label with a large text box that you keep over on the side in your template (or in a scrapbook) and drag a copy in when you need it and replace the text.

Ah of course - let the suggested text take place first and then replace it… I will try that! Many thanks! :slight_smile:

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Good luck and you’re quite welcome.

I suspect that many of your labels will have similar amounts of text so after you’ve created the first one, copy it and replace the text in the copy with the new text. You’ll probably have less text box sizing to do.

Hi again… unfortunatly your idea did not work :frowning: it seems leader text really only sees the possibility to have one infinite row of text… strange… maybe should use text box and attach a leader to it instead of leader text…

Which idea didn’t work? The resized label box with the default “Label text” in it? It works for me. I added a border around the text box so you can see how it is enlarged.


To do this, one creates the default Label Text first and then resize the text box…?


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Hi Paul,

Yes, that’s what I described to Susanne yesterday. And of course you could create one label with the enlarged text box and save it off to one side. Then drag a copy onto the page, anchor the leader, and paste the text into it.

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Sorry for late reply - been out of office for some days… Oh yes now I see - I missed that part of resizing the box before I paste the new text! My mistake - now it works! Many thanks Dave :slight_smile:

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