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A suggestion for a small improvement…

When you use a text box, you start by setting its size. When you have finished entering text, you can then choose to have the box fit to the text. The default setting is the size of box you started with.

What about reversing this so that the default is the size the text demands but with an ability to expand it if you so wish (though it is difficult to see why you would)?

Have you tried just a single click to start a text box? If you do that instead of dragging out the box, the box should be sized to fit the text.


I often do do it that way @DaveR. But as you showed in your clip, it means you have no auto line wrap. The beauty of the text box is that it determines the width of the column of text.

As a non-programmer, what seems to me like a simple reversal of a default is probably nowhere near as simple as it sounds. But I thought I’d put it out there to see.

Sorry. I don’t see what the problem is. It doesn’t matter, though.

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I understand that the text doesn’t automatically wrap if you only single click to start the text box. Seems to me this is a thing where you either decide how wide you want the text box to be by dragging out the box first or you hit Return when you get to the desired end of the line.

Interesting that your text starts in the middle of the box instead of at the top. When I drag out a text box the text starts in the top left corner. Do you have some odd text alignment setting.
Screenshot - 11_10_2020 , 5_40_51 AM

I think my text starts at the bottom of the box. I agree that is pretty odd but I have never gotten around to changing the default setting.

I think the basic options, that have existed for a long time, are fine. I was just arguing for a small tweak that would turn them from good into great. Make Layout Great Again? Could we see that slogan catch on? Or not any longer?

Was it ever great?


Okay, let’s go for Make Layout Great At Last - MaLGAL.


Hi Simon,
That’s funny … Are you saying that LayOut is a MAL GAL ?
It’s true the Gal does give me trouble!

You simply need to change the text alignment on the panel under “Text” to be left justified.

You set the justification by how you establish your text box. From help page

To Align Text Like This… Here’s How to Draw the Bounded Text Box
Top- and left-aligned Drag from top left to bottom right.
Top- and right-aligned Drag from top right to bottom left.
Bottom- and left-aligned Drag from bottom left to top right.
Botton- and right-aligned Drag from bottom right to top left.
Center aligned Hold down Ctrl (Microsoft Windows) or Option (Mac OS X) while dragging from center.

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