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This may be a really simple one, I hope.

When creating a text box in Layout, is there a way of using a shape other than a rectangle? I’m just trying to think of a way of creating a ‘Text Wrapping’ kind of look, so the edge of the text follows a shape.

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I think he was meaning something similar to the warp text tool in photoshop where you can make text conform to any shape.

I’m not sure if layout has this functionality. But I may be wrong.

I don’t think Layout has that function, you’d have to draw the shape (filled or not) and then fiddle with the text to conform to it. One annoyance in Layout is that for some reason when editing text, it changes size/placement slightly from the editing mode to its final display mode. Not sure if this is intentional for some reason or is a bug?

You could also create the text box you want in Photoshop, save it as a PDF, and import it into LayOut.

Sorry David, but how do you insert a pdf file into Layout?

It is a Mac thing, pdf import is nativately supported on OSx

Thanks for the clarification Mike! Just out of curiosity, does it import in vector or raster?

alas, only as (raster) image:

Go to File>Import. Select the file from the window that appears. Click Open.

Well I cannot as I’m on windows.

Sorry. I didn’'t realize that Windows was different in this regard.

Oh Well, nevermind.

I was hoping there may be some ‘Wrap’ setting that I did not know about, kind of like the one in MS Word, where the text detects an object and wraps around it.

Not a huge issue, but would be nice to have the feature.

Thank you for all the replies though.


Drop shadow on text also seems to be only available on mac too?

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