Is it possible to curve text in Layout?

I would like to use curved text in the design of a metal stamping die. Is that possible in Layout?

It is posible but not the way you may be asking, this would be a good feature request, for now if you want to do that you must copy a letter along the curve move and rotate them to place them as you want.

Thanks, I think I could work through how to do that and, since it won’t involve that much text, I can get it done. Just thought it might be a feature I did not know about. Regards.

Might make more sense to create the text in something that is designed for that. Inkscape comes to mind.

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Thanks. I checked out the program and a world of possibility it seems. Unfortunately, my energy for engaging with new software is at low ebb and I will likely muddle through with Layout. Not the worst of outcomes since it has proven to be pretty versatile and dependable.