Arraying text in an arc in Layout

Is there any way to array text along an arc in Layout?

Are you talking about using LayOut text? If so, no. You could make individual text boxes for each letter and arrange them but that’s not ideal. You could use some other application to create the curved text and insert an image of it into LayOut.

Thanks for the response. I was afraid that was the case.

How are you intending to use the text?

As part of a stamp- the text is a series of names in an arc about a common center - like this:

I’d be inclined to do that in another program and make a high res image to import into LayOut. Maybe something like Inkscape which will do the curved text.

Agreed. Went ahead and did it in that dreaded program called AutoCad.

Once created in CAD, you can save it as a ‘Scaled Drawing’ into LayOut’s scrapbook. At least that way you only have to do it once and you’re good to go from here on out.

How does one save a .dwg as a “Scaled Drawing” into LayOut? Do I import into SketchUp first and then save a plan view scene into LayOut scapebook file? Or can I load it directly into LayOut?

See below. Just set up a new page and choose ‘File/save as scrapbook’. You don’t need to make it a scaled drawing since I assume it will be the same size for all of your sheets. So ignore that step.

As an added note, you could add the seal to your normal template(s) if you have created your own.

And if you add it as a scrapbook item, you can make it appear larger in the scrapbook by making the paper size smaller. Here I’ve made the paper size 3-1/4 in. square.