Text Box In Scrapbooks

Hi Everyone,

I have yet another question regarding Layout… I would like to design or use a Text box in my plans and I am wondering how to go about using the scrapbook tool to do, if it can be done…

I am looking to do something like the image below


You could create the balloons and add a text box to it. I guess I’d group the balloon and the text box and probably add some sample text that you can edit.

You could draw those balloon shapes in LayOut or SketchUp or you could import images of the individual balloons. to use. If you use images, I would make PNGs with transparent backgrounds.

Um sounds complicated!!! ill have to research how… Thanks Dave

It really isn’t terribly complicated. I inserted the image you supplied into LO and used the 2-point Arc tool to trace the first balloon. Then I glued the arcs together and used Offset for the inner dashed edges which I changed to white. I sampled the color of the balloon in the image with the eye dropper in the Colors window and used that color for the fill in the balloon.


Oh really cool so your only using the png image as an object to trace around and edit as you want

That’s what I did for that one. After you’re finished with the image, delete it. If you are creating multiple text balloons to show in a single scrapbook page, move them all close together. Maybe in two columns. Then set the paper size to closely fit around the the balloons. When you save the file as a scrapbook, the balloons will be easier to see in the Scrapbook window. You can even overlap them slightly so they are more compact in the scrapbook.

How did you use the glue tool… cant get the bubble complete

bubble.layout (179.8 KB)

You need to make sure the ends of the curves meet. Turn off Grid Snapping in the Arrange menu. And zoom in close enough so your bubble fills the window.

You can see a couple of problems here.

even with the grid snapping off they are not lining up with each other… I guess its a process that needs practice

After you’ve drawn the first arc, click on its end to start the next one.


I did it… its actually the the glue tool that fills in the little voids between the 2 point arcs

This is so awesome I can think of a few uses for this … I don’t even feel like planning out the rest of my project lol

Ok my last question of the day is I inserted a sample txt writing into the cloud but it didn’t carry over into the scrapbook section, I just have the cloud and no text

Never mind I can insert text and even resize the scrapbook element


Did you make a group of the balloon and the text box like I mentioned at the beginning?

No I didn’t sorry not paying attention in class


Just as an aside, Windows has a nifty screenshot tool called the Snipping Tool in the Accessories folder in Start menu. It is easier to use it and paste the result directly into the forum reply window than to move over image files from your phone or camera.

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Hi Anssi for whatever reason I can’t get my windows screenshot to work I’ve tried so many ways and now can’t be bothered …

I have windows 10 and I’ve alt+screenshot

Thanks though

I use a program called Screen Captor which is free. I like it better than the Snipping Tool included with Windows 10.

I just downloaded it and I like it a lot, Dave you have made my life a lot easier today and I learned something new

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