Layout scrapbook?

I am looking to be able to add cars to my scrapbook that have solid backgrounds but also internal line detail. The detailed cars prepopulated in scrapbook are jsut lines so when i put them on a detailed drawing the drawing backgrund shows thorough the car and makes it hard to see. I want all of the detial lines of the car but I want to make the cars a solid and give the a white background. I can’t figure out how to do that? Alternately, i’d love to bring in cars from CAD blocks and do the same. They also come is and just lines and I can’t easily get them to take a fill as the lines don’t connect and making them do so takes for ever. Advice appreciated.

There are a number of options available to you. You can edit the existing scrapbook items to add fill. Here I’ve done that with the top row of Hybrid, Detailed cars. simple enough to edit the groups and turn on Fill for the exterior perimeter edges. In some cases you might need to use Arrange to send the perimeter edges to the back.

If you want to use your own, you could import them into SketchUp, create scenes to show them and then use those scenes as viewports in LayOut and save as a scrapbook. If you want to use CAD blocks that you import into SketchUp, go ahead. Then give them whatever colors you want.

It only took a few moments to do all the scrapbook items on this page. If this was the sort of thing I really needed, I’d probably do only the scale(s) I would typically use.

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Dave, Thanks so much. So easy. Embaresed to have not worked that out myself.

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No need to be either of those things. Gotta learn somehow. :wink: