Scrapbook images location

Been toying with layout and decided to try out some of the things in the scrapbooks. Where are the actual image files of the scrap books saved? all i an find is the scrapbook folder, but they are all in a specific layout file extension.


A Scrapbook is a LayOut file. Similar to the way a LayOut template is a LayOut file. The images or .skp files in the scrapbooks are in the .layout file. You can open the scrapbook as a LayOut file and access the contents if you want to edit them. Select the scrapbook and then Edit. I would suggest making a copy before you get to making changes.
Screenshot - 1_10_2021 , 4_43_40 PM

ohhh its a layout file. i thought they were actual image files haha. i searched all over the pc for them so i could open them in a photo viewer.

so what if i wanted to make my own in inkscape or someother program?

Insert your images or .skp files or text into a LayOut project. Arrange them on the paper as desired. Then File>Save as Scrapbook.

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ok, that makes more sense. thanks. Would you be willing to share a layout plan that you have made of a woodworking project? Im curious to see how others do their paper space

In 2020, did tags replace layers?


I don’t have any projects I can just share since they are all done for clients.


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ok. that works. thanks for letting me know.

There is so much i want to learn with sketchup. im getting better and better each time i use it. One day SU will have what they call finite element analysis for testing parts within sketchup for stress and load haha

If it ever does you’d better be up on all the currently available features so you are ready. :smiley:

Hahahaha. Im gettin there… eventually ill be a master sketchup person

Basically, a LayOut document is just a collection of files of different types, shapes, dimensions and text comprised in a zipped file ( if you rename .layout to .zip, you can extract it)

LayOut documents work with references.
When you insert an image, it will remember where it came from (‘Current’ in the references manager)

If you delete that image file from your computer, it will get ‘lost’, that’s why it will also ‘embed’ the picture file inside the LayOut document.
If you alter the image file with an image editor, you can ‘update’ the reference file.

There are different types of ‘inserts’ in LayOut, but you cannot switch between types (eg. an inserted .skp file cannot be relinked to an image file)

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Interesting. Im going to try to rename the file just to see how its made. Mainly i was looking for the images from the scrapbooks but if i make a document in layout and rename to zip, maybe i can see all the images i used.

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