Scrapbooks vs off the printing area usage

Hey SketchUp folks, got a question for all who do Con Doc’s in layout, what are the pro’s & con’s of using scrapbook vs have all the stuff you use for making con doc’s in the template file but off the printing area, ready to drag & drop on to the sheet your working on?
Let me know what you think


I use some of both. The benefit of the Scrapbook entities is that they aren’t template specific.

Scrapbooks offer a way to organise your ‘scraps’ in a more efficient manner, I would say.

Well thanks for the feedback, greatly appreciated, I do some of both. I’m following Nick Sonder’s method & have different layout templates for specific views.


The only negative I could see is that the file size can be larger for no reason if there are redundant items in there?

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I would also assume the zoom extents (which is hotkeyed on my LO) would expand to include the off page items… Which I would find annoying

It would but Zoom to Page wouldn’t.

Thx, As I use scrapbooks wasnt sure… but it is a frustration with other software… eg powerpoint