Making , saving, deleting scrap books

Howzit guys.
I made a bit of a mess I think. I made some doodles I wanted to use in layout and hoped to save as a scrap book.
I made the doodle in the side of my original model source I am working on. I did this on a layer and made a 2D scene.
In layout I opened the scene in a view port and added to scrap book. The whole model up loaded. I did this a couple times trying to figure out what was up.

  1. I’d like to erase those from the scrap book.
  2. Do I need to save doodles for LO as components individually and place them on a LO page then save to scrapbook?
    I also noticed that when I saved it to scrap book it propmted to be save as, and then my whole project was saved with a different name. DOH!
    Thanks again for your insight.

The scrapbooks should be saved in a normally hidden directory. User/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 20xx/LayOut/Scrapbooks. You can delete them from the folder. If you go to Edit>Preferences>Folders you can see the exact path.

The content you create for the scrapbook needs to be within the paper space and if you are drawing in LO, it’s a good idea to group the doodle if it’s not already connected as one. Make the paper size as small as you can for the content so the content shows as larger as possible in the scrapbook window.

For example, I made some break lines to putt in a scrapbook. The page looks like this.

Paper size is 4-1/2" by 2".

And in the Scrapbook panel:
Screenshot - 6_1_2021 , 1_25_59 PM

The Save as Scrapbook is a Save as… operation so it will prompt you for a new name.

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Gonna work on that right now… thx D

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There are only two files in the scrapbook folder. One is definitely all the stuff that came with LO. Thankful for restore default, I erased it…lol
interestingly the “/” are on my version “”. back slash as opposed to forward.
ok. I’m here…
location according to LO is
C:\Users\corre\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\LayOut\Scrapbooks

I can open C:
I can find C:> Users>corre> … But no AppData…

side question, do I need to use caps? Or all lower case good?
thx D

Yeah. They should be back slashes but forward slashes are easier to type.

That’s because AppData is a hidden directory as I mentioned. You can make it unhidden. See this.

Awesome thanks for the hidden data tip.
I did find the file location but scapbooks is empty…??
I saved in LO incase I needed to and still empty.

That’s odd. Did you go to the Scapbooks path shown in Preferences>Folders?

C:\Users\corre\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\LayOut\Scrapbooks
C:> Users>corre>AppData>Roaming>SketchUp>SketchUp 2019>Layout>Scrapbooks

After turning on the hidden file the AppData showed up and could make it to to scrapbooks
Shows empty folder.
I did save the entire model into the scrap book ( 3 times under different names)…

It didn’t end up in ProgramData\Sketchup\SketchUp 2019\LayOut\Scrapbooks did it?

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I think it just need to refresh or something. I found them in that Path and was able to delete the scrap books. THANK YOU!

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Yes, in Program Data.

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Ah… Your scrapbooks shouldn’t be going into Program Data. Check the next time you save a scrapbook to see where it’ll go.

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Now about taking those doodles in my main model file and making something that works to put in scrapbook.
I tried to use a LO View port and the SU scene and save to scrapbook but whole model went with it.
Do I save these doodles as components and open new LO file and put components on new page, then to scrapbook?

If you are drawing these things in SketchUp, create a scene showing the “doodle” and use that to create the viewport in LO. You can have multiple viewports on the page but each one of them will be a separate doodle in the scrapbook.

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Thanks Dave,
I found I needed to open a New LO file and insert the model, then change to doodle scene, then save to scrap book. Then it only saved the open view port on the single new page. Prviously just trying to save to scrapbook on a "extra " (duplicate) page in my working file it kept taking all 13 pages to scrap book.
It does prompt me each time to save to the program file location instead of users.
I must admit this is the deepest I have ever delved into my computer… thanks for all the tips for sure. View Hidden . WHO KNEW???
Awesome, thnx,Correy

Ah, yes. If you only want one doodle on a scrapbook page you need to have only one doodle on the page when you save it.

Keep in mind that a scrapbook is really just a LayOut file but it is saved in a way that you can drag the objects into another document from the Scapbooks panel. So you can have multiple items on a page or not.

Here’s another example of a scrapbook I made. These are all individual images (I’ve got them selected on the page) on a relatively small paper size. Each one of those images can be dragged into another document.

So the scrapbook content doesn’t have to be SketchUp model views. It could be stuff you’ve drawn directly in LayOut like my break lines, images like my SketchUp tools, text blocks, or combinations of all these things in groups.

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I think the other humbug is that when I drew the doodles in SU on my model background, The section cuts recognize the hidden geometry and expand to include it. Which fouls any related LO pages.

If you aren’t showing the section planes their size shouldn’t matter.

ah sure,… but my floor plan and a few other pages in LO got wonky where SC needed to be shown.
The only way I got to make a scrap book page for LO was to save the details as components in SU and the New Page in LO then load them on individually and then save as scrap book. May be the long route but worked.
Thanks for all the help Dave, especially for learning me where/how to use the file explorer to find LO and SU files. Previously I was saving all my components to self made file cause had no idea where to find the SU components. My PC probably has endless weird file saves that may never get sorted out.

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I’m a little confused by that. I’m not sure that a floor plan would be useful as a scrapbook item.

Did we talk about that? You can and should save components you’ll use again into a local collection so you can access them in your project files. Would probably be a good idea to categorize them by the types of objects. e.g. pulls, hinges, corner brackets, etc.

Happy I could help.