Layout 2024 - Custom Scrapbooks Missing

I just installed Sketchup 2024, and I am having my typical headaches with the new version(s). One of which is that I had previously made a custom scrapbook page of all the symbols I typically use. I’m sure there was a way I was supposed to save this (maybe I did?), but now with the new 2024 install, my custom scrapbook page is gone.
Is there anyway to get it back? I would love to not have to re-create it from scratch.

As has always been the case, installing a new version of SketchUp and LayOut is like installing a new program. It does not over write the previous version. So they scrapbooks are still where they were for your previous version. Look in LayOut’s Preferences (bottom of the Edit menu) and find the path to the scrapbooks. The should be in the same location for the older version. You can make the User/AppData folder visible in File Explorer and copy the Scrapbook folder from the previous version to the new. If you have custom templates, do the same with them.

Here you can see I’ve highlighted the paths to my Templates and Scrapbooks folders.
Screenshot - 4_24_2024 , 6_11_38 AM

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Great! Thank you DaveR.
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