My scrapbook images change when imported to Layout

Hello. I have imported a scrapbook to layout for use with lighting and electrical floorpans. When I go to use the images for my plan, two of the images change to totally different images. I don’t have this issue when I open a new document and try to use the images, just in the one I am working on. It’s so strange. I have tried copying and pasting the image from another document to the one I am working on, and it will STILL revert to the different, square with an X image. ANY help would be amazing!!! Thank you!

Can you share the scrapbook file so we can see what you’ve got?

By the way, please correct your forum profile. SketchUp for Schools is a web based version for young school children. It does not provide access to LayOut. It’s clear from your screenshot that you are doing a course but you can’t be doing that course with SketchUp for Schools. Must be Pro.

Be helpful to see the file as Dave asks.

Until then - if you check Document Setup - References - are you linked to the proper images in this particular file? Or are you saving to a cloud location?

You are correct, I have Pro, but it’s used for a course. Thanks for clarifying.

I will try to share the file…
7.1+Electrical+Scrapbook+IMP-2.layout (216.1 KB)

I’m checking it.

Here is what that looks like when I click on document setup-References. I’m not sure how to change what you are suggesting (very new to using sketchup/layout).
Thank you for your help!! Really, really appreciate it!

This is also what pops up when I open my downloaded file in layout… (every time!)

Strangely that file won’t even open as a scrapbook in LayOut on my PC. I can open it in LO but saving as a scrapbook doesn’t appear to work. I notice some strange characters in some of the reference file names which might have something to do with it.
Screenshot - 2_6_2024 , 10_02_33 AM

Where did you get this file?

There is a usable set of scrabook pages including electrical symbols that is available for free at Sketchucation. [UPDATED] My LayOut Scrapbook for Architectural Drawings. • sketchUcation • 1

They were provided by the course I am taking. I think I will try the ones you suggested and see if it works and report back!

Thank you!!

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This new file/upload worked! Thank you. I can now complete my assignment, and have a very useable and comprehensive file for future projects too.
I SO appreciate all of your help!!!
Thank you!

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Great. Please correct your forum profile with the right operating system and graphics card.

Hmm… not sure how to do that… I’m so green with this stuff…

So the references are not linked properly / LO can’t find the images / source files (the red text). Generally you need to re-link stuff if you gets mixed up in different folders, or perhaps the files never made it to you when they got downloaded.

That means that file was updated or had a date change that was different from last time. Usually you see this with SKP files and not the PNGs or JPGs (unless you update or edit them).

I would ask your instructor why the images / links are missing and if there is a source folder you can download to finish your work.