Images copied into layout turning semi-opaque

Hello! Firstly just wanted to say thanks for the amazing community here. You’ve been such a help!! So oddly, I can’t find the answer to this issue…
I’ve copied/pasted some images from the web onto a sheet in Layout. These images were fine through several versions and saves, but then one day they weren’t, and had turned semi-opaque. I deleted the images and re-pasted them into the sheet and they were in full colour again, until now - it’s happened again. Strangely its just 1 sheet in my project, the other sheet of pasted images is fine. I could delete and re-paste the images as before, but I’d just like to know what I’m doing wrong. Attached image shows the web lighting pics, inside a rectangle drawn in Layout - you can see my text boxes and model colours are fine. Many thanks!

First, you shouldn’t copy and paste between a web page and LayOut. Or between any application and LayOut.

Very likely the lost reference is the problem. You should have downloaded the images to a folder on your computer and then use File>Insert to add them into your LO project.

Share the LO file and let us see if there’s any chance of fixing it.

Yes I know I was being lazy as was trying to be quick. It’s just odd that its failed on one sheet and not on another. Lots of diff pics from different websites.

Lazy almost never equates to quick in the long run.

Again, share the LO file so we can see if there’s some fix.

Hmm I would if I could. Is there a special way to send just 1 page? I saved the project as a different name and deleted the irrelevant sheets and saved again, but this new doc is still referencing the models from the original project. I’m clearly having an incompetent moment! In summary its way too big.

You could purge unused stuff from Document Setup>References but it might be better to send the whole file. Upload to Drop Box and share the link.

Also just to add, the only difference between my images on this problem page and the other good page, is that on the good page, I used Shape Style/Stroke to add outlines to the images, whereas on the problem page I added a rectangle around the image (set to Arrange > send to back). Not sure if that’s relevant.

Might be. Does the rectangle have fill turned on?

Nope, fill is off.
Thank you for the Purge tip, that’s very useful!!
I had to remove the model as it was still 71MB.
Lighting.layout (1.3 MB)

I’d bet it could use purging, too.

I’ll look at your file. Hang tight.

I’m going to read up on purging, feels like this is something I need to know more about!!! :joy:

I think it ought to be one of the first few things anyone learns about SketchUp.

So the images I see, while they are .png files have white backgrounds. Easy enough to fix if you’ve set a default image editor in LayOut’s Preferences>Applications. Then you can right click on the image and choose Open with… Make the background transparent, save the changes, and then go back to LayOut. Here I put a blue rectangle under part of the image after editing it.
Screenshot - 11_22_2021 , 5_06_13 PM

Here the images with the white backgrounds all have transparent backgrounds.

In the future follow best practice. All project content files in a project folder and use Insert to insert each file once into the LO project.

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Many many thanks - I’ll have a go at this. Really appreciate your time!!

Agree re the purge - interestingly it wasn’t mentioned at all by the Sketchup tutor I had or any of the Youtube videos. You should do some tutorials!

Thanks again!

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I can’t say I’m too surprised based on the files I see from students.

Hmmm… Maybe I should.

Yes do! It could be all the things you should know but aren’t taught! Thanks again!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see what I can do.