Numbered notes in a bubble


I have seen numbered notes in circles or bubbles as the attached example. But I cannot find any “how-to” with auto-text or any other system.

Any ideas out there?


You can make them easily enough and add them to a scrapbook. You could make a single label and edit the numbers as needed or you could make a series of them with numbers or letters and have the whole set in a scrapbook.

Not really a way to do autotext at this stage to reference your list, though.

If you want help with making a scrapbook, I can show you.


I think this work. Complete an Excel spreadsheet with numbers and the corresponding notes next cell right. Then the label is linked to the numbers column (A1, A2,…) and then link an Excel table as the legend with both columns (a1:b27 etc.) . That would work, right?


You could do that although I don’t know what the benefit is of linking the label text to a spreadsheet.

You could certainly use a spreadsheet for the table or list but if you standardize your numbering system, the text in the labels doesn’t need to be linked to anything. And would you change the table reference for the labels to match the spreadsheet you’re using in your project?

It took me as long if not longer to make these using a spreadsheet to get the numbers…

…as/than it did to make these and create the scrapbook for them.


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