Layout Label Bubbles

Anyone know if LayOut has the ability to create leaders (Labels) with a “bubble” or other image like below? And if so, how please.

(Ok, I know this is an AutoCAD image/feature - forgive me - I live in both worlds currently)

You can make them by combining a label with a circle. After you make the first one, copy it and edit the text for subsequent labels. Also add it to a scrapbook for later use.

Thanks Dave. I’ve been toying with that very thing. I know you can add color/shade to the text but you just can’t add a box/circle around the text. I’ll likely end up doing just what you recommend. I’ll just have to “tweak” it as needed.

So what I’ve decided it to create the rounded rectangle with a text box inside it. (the rounded rectangle allows me to stretch it to whatever width I need AND stretch it to a circle if needed).

Then I added a leader/label line to the center of the rounded rectangle.

I’ll add it to my scrapbook and tweak it as needed. Then I’ll add this little feature to my “SketchUp” Wishlist. :slight_smile:

Thanks again Dave.

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