Auto Text Viewport labels (2022)

I have figured out how to use the new Auto Text enabled labels that are now in the scrapbooks in Layout 2022 and they seem very useful. I believe it is also possible, however, to make your own custom labels also as Auto Text. I have a set of custom drawing labels and symbols in a scrapbook I use for my own work which I would love to adapt and make function with this new feature, but I can’t seem to figure it out and have not yet found a video or text online explaining how to do so.

Anyone have any suggestions or directions? Thanks.

Start by creating a new label and attach it to a viewport.
When it is time to choose the text, click on the blue downarrow to see what options you have under the viewport (Ratio, SceneDescription, etc)


Following up on that, I found a thread from 2020 that recommends changing the opacity of the leader line to 0 so it is not visible. I assume that is what I would do in addition to what you have suggested to create a drawing title label, as opposed to a drawing note.

The examples in the scrapbook have just that!

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