Using the new auto text in scrap book

does not post actual value. example:

You will need to post a screen shot at least, or better yet the Layout file itself to get help here. We cannot guess.

Are you anchoring the leader to the model in the viewport?

As @endlessfix suggested, Share the LayOut file or at least a screenshot so we can see what you’re getting.

I’m also having a heck of a time figuring out how to associate autotext from scrapbook elements to viewports. Can anyone describe how I might drag a viewport label from scrapbooks into my layout and then get the autotext to generate info from a specific viewport (scene name and scale?)… Currently when I drag a label over the autotext sits there with brackets and no dropdown selection boxes. Thank you!

After inserting the Autotext, are you attaching the leader to a specific viewport to tell Autotext which information to display? Click once on the text to select (not twice which will edit text) then click twice on the leader to edit, position the end over the viewport you want the info to relate to. (my leaders are set to invisible here but the same method applies).



Just discovered the context menu items Edit Label and Edit Label Text

( don’t know what version they arrived in )

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