Layout 2022 issue

The program does not identify that the tag <Coordinates(z)> must show the height of the Z point in the viewport when this tag is stamped from the scrapbook on the drawing page, being necessary to enter inside the tag so that the program understands that it is the coordinate z that should be displayed and not the text <Coordinates(z)>

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The tag must be connected to something in the model viewport to display a value.

The problem is that the grouped elements from the scrapbook need to be edited to attach the leader(s) to an entity in the viewport.

One cannot attach a leader for the whole goup, neither. Even when this could be done, labels that are dragged from scrapbooks or ‘pipetted’ need to be reattached, also, regardless being part of a group! (one could state that a plain label is actually a grouped textfield and leaderline element, thus the problem is essentially the inability to mark an insertion point for elements in the scrapbook)

Right now, the only way to duplicate or add a bit more complicated label is to just recreate them over and over…

I created a label with <Coordinates(z)> in a file with a SketchUp model and then copied it into a scrapbook. After that I can bring that label in from the Scrapbook, set the anchor point, and see the height. No need to recreate it every time.

The important part is you have to choose the Entity Type when you initially create the label.
Screenshot - 1_31_2022 , 6_13_13 AM

But that’s exactly what I did, or not?..

the point is, as long as there is a text “<Coordinates(z)>” anywhere and its respective leader is attached somewhere in a viewport, no matter if that label is made directly into the drawing or stamped from the scrapbook, it should work properly, but as I show in the video, it doesn’t.

again: but that’s exactly what I did, or not?..

I kind of have to guess or not. At least it works for me here even after closing LayOut and restarting it.

Hey @Eduardo,

Thanks for the short video. The issue you show happens currently when trying to connect the coordinates auto-text tag to a different SketchUp entity type. There are three different entity types that support the coordinates auto-text tag: Vertex, Edge, and Face. With the 2022.0 release, you must re-select the coordinates auto-text when connecting your label to a different entity type, as shown in your video.

We are working to remove this restriction in a future release to make using this auto-text less of a hassle. We are also looking into the possibility of automatically connecting labels when stamping from scrapbooks.

Thanks for the feedback,

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Thanks for posting this question.

Finding out how instructive the forums are for things I don’t know exist in Sketchup. This is one of those things.

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Will we also be able to combine types ?(DC, Classifications and FaceArea, for instance)

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my humble suggestion is that this is done in a way that makes the target that each stamped block has in a kind of magnet, so the block will be “glued” over a point of the viewport that the user wants