Scrapbook Label Leaders Moving

Has any one experienced this issue and know a fix? I have a scrapbook with a decent number of wall assemblies, when I copy them into a plan some, not all, of the label leaders move to what seams to be a random point. If I open the tab where I have all my scrapbook items and copy and paste one, they come in fine as long as I leave it where it chooses to paste. Once I move it, the leaders move. Manually moving each of the leaders gets them to stay if I afterwards move the scrapbook image around. Hoping this isn’t the fix…

Also I tried to make a new file to share this problem but couldn’t get it to re create the issue, so it seems to be tied to this job I’m working on. Not sure what causes it as this is not the first time either. File is too big to upload.

Layout 2018 V 18.0.16975 64 bit

Sare the file with Dropbox, We Transfer or some other file sharing service.

when selecting the viewport and looking to see the Sketchup model in the Inspector tray, there is no model selected and checking the document references, I find they are missing . Where are the files that are marked in red?

You might try selecting them and relinking them.

I think the thing with the label leaders is due to the fact that the camera position was changed in the SketchUp viewport. This is a typical side effect and one of the reasons I teach my students not to modify the Camera in LayOut.

@RLGL the references shown as missing on your computer (and mine) are due to the fact our computers can’t see Seth’s computer where the references live.

The blank reference path for the .skp is concerning because there’s no embedded version of the reference file.