New Features I would like to see


It would be nice to have text that reads the file data but hides the leader line (?). I have a work around in mind, by changing the stoke color to white. But that’s a lot of work in a good size file.

For future releases would it be possible to have “Preset Styles” buttons in layout on the text area so you can switch fonts, style, colors, size, etc. without having to change them manually or with the eye drop tool? You could just pick the presets then text, Label or dimension and it would be added with the preset.

It also would be nice to have multi leaders. Right now I am coping, pasting and exploding the 2nd copy. Then erasing the 2nd copy of the text and moving the end of the leader to the new location.

If anyone has a better ideas or work arounds I would love to hear them.


+1 for this suggestion, especially the part about multiple leader lines.


I often have more than one leader line. It’s pretty easy to do. You just have blank text.


you can edit a scrapbook page by drawing the leader to a nominal size on the selected page, back space the text on the label, enter and escape.Save (asuming you opened Layout as administrator) , now you place as many as want from the scraps and edit,flip to change

check out - By: Kristoff Rand


Thanks for the replies,
pcmor, I have download and do use some of those items in our scrapbooks. A new thought comes to mind after reading these replies. Using your suggestions to create the leader and saving it to scrapbook, would that work?


yes it does, just checked, as you say quicker to draw and save a new page to scrapbook,

also you can place just a space in the leader text,

make a few common leader formats and groups…and you are away, edit if required after placement


For general leader types that works, but there is no association in this method between the SKU file object and the auto text tag information attached to it from the scrapbook.


I would like to see the layers box allowing you to Xray individual layers. Thats it.


This has always been possible. See the GIF below:


I need a step by step after placing the main text and leader. Pick the pencil/line tool and some how copy the style?


After hitting L for Line, hit S to get the eyedropper so you can sample the leader. Hit Esc or double click after clicking the second endpoint of the line.


that works, except it does not attach itself to the original and move with it…


Original what?

The key strokes and steps I gave match what Eduardo shows.


sorry the original text and leader.

I am following your steps and it still does not attach. but if I pick the second leader line, edit it and place it " on point" it works.


I guess I’m not understanding what you mean by “on point”.


thats what the pop up box says when you are placing the second line on the 1st line.


I see. I wasn’t waiting for the pop up message. You do have to connect that line to a point somewhere.It could be the tail end of the leader instead of the bend point.

FWIW, after you’ve place the first line, you don’t need to hit S and sample subsequent leaders. That’s only done to set the line style (arrowhead, tail end, line weight, and color) to match the label’s leader.


i was using a line with an arrow at the start arrow and a straight line on the end arrow, that does not work. when i do the same thing and add a end arrow or dot it works fine.


I see what you mean.


Funny, the top line does not work but the second from the bottom works fine.
Still its what I need, I’ll play with this some more tomorrow.

thanks guys!