Adding multiple leaders to a label text box in layout 2016

Looking to see if anyone has had a problem creating multiple leaders to a single text box. from what i understand i should be able to click on the leader until i am modifying it and the hold Ctrl to make a copy. This doesn’t work. I have tried and it wont copy it just moves the leader and the bound text box. Its as if im not even pressing Ctrl. can someone tell me if this has been changed in this brand new version and if so how i can get one text box to point to multiple locations.


Before trying to copy the leader, you’ll need to explode the Label so the leader is separate from the text. This isn’t a new feature. At least this the way it’s been done for a long time.

yup that works.


I can’t find an EXPLODE option for the label. SU 2017 Make on PC.

This is a LayOut thing, not a SketchUp thing. There is no option to explode labels in SketchUp Make or Pro.

DaveR, thanks.

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I add multiple leaders to my text boxes all the time and have never needed to ‘explode’ anything. Click on the leader three times (or more) until just the leader is highlighted. Use ctrl-c to copy but don’t try to past yet as it wont work. You have to make sure nothing is selected (click out or hit escape several times) then use ctrl-v to past in the leader on top. If you click on the pasted leader, you should be able to modify/move it. The original leader and text box stays linked, but the new leader is not linked but at least you get multiple leaders relatively quickly.