How to add a leader

How do I add a leader and arrow to a label. I have several items in a drawing that can be identified with one label but will need two or more leaders. This will save space on the drawing and save me time. Where is the “add a leader” command?

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There’s a Label tool that automatically adds a leader to a text box. You could replace the existing text box with a label or you could use the Line tool to draw a leader if you don’t want to use the Label tool.

Thanks DaveR. I use the leader with the text box and that is fine. But if I
have another item near by, such as the leg you illustrate, how do I add
another leader with arrow to the original text box?​

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I generally just open the label for editing and copy the existing leader. Then I paste it and adjust the position of that new leader.

Than looks like it should work. I have had an issue with “copy” in LayOut
however. I will give it a try.


Great illustration, by the way!

What kind of issue? I just used keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste.


One basic “copy” issue is; I haven’t been able to copy anything in
LayOut. The COPY command under the EDIT pull down doesn’t work on anything
I highlight.​

Where can I get a keyboard shortcut menu?


Ctrl+C is the standard keyboard shortcut for Copy. And Ctrl+V for paste.

If Copy doesn’t work from the Edit menu, I wonder if you have an installation problem.

Copy and paste don’t work with the shortcut either. Must be serious.​

I’ll work around it until I figure what to do.

Thanks again.


Try repairing the installation. Find the installer exe, right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then choose the Repair option.

I will follow your instructions in the morning. I look forward to a
resolution, as you can imagine. Thanks!

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